On the 29th, an event was hosted at the Mitra DRR Learning Center with a focus on earthquake mechanisms and the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. The purpose of the event was to educate students on earthquake safety and inspire their interest in research beyond what is taught in textbooks. To achieve this goal, members of the DRR Teacher Club, who also served as teachers, designed captivating games and models during their two-day training program.Over 60 students from Tri Padma and Bhassara schools participated in eight games developed by both teachers and students during the two-day workshop. The students were divided into seven groups, each consisting of eight individuals. The event featured a total of eight stalls, six of which were run by teachers and two of which were operated by Japanese and Nepalese students. Each student was given ten minutes to visit each stall, providing an equal opportunity for participation in each game. This interactive approach to education helped foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for earthquake safety among the students.



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