Disaster Education Promotion Office

DEPO (Disaster Education Promotion Office) is a non-profit organization established in 2022 with an aim of promoting disaster risk reduction (DRR) education including training, workshops, developing educational and game materials for schools and communities together with mobilizing youths on DRR activities. DEPO also works as a center for schools and community visits for learning and experiencing various DRR tools practically. As part of enhancing knowledge and skills on DRR, DEPO also organizes disaster awareness events and conducts research on disaster education related emerging issues.

The idea of DEPO was developed from previously established and operated learning center—Mitra Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center (MDDRLC) founded in 2019 in collaboration with Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC).

DEPO is run by experienced professionals who have gained experience in the field of disaster management, environmental protection, climate change, school education as well as research and project management.

Organization Units: Training Unit, Education Material Development Unit, DRR Library Unit, Research, and Development Unit.

Vision: To contribute to the development of a participatory, inclusive, and resilient community.

Mission: To provide the skills and knowledge required to make a sustainable and resilient community through education, training, and research.

Goal: Enhance the capacity of students, teachers, and the local community for Disaster Risk Reduction and improve community resilience through a participatory and inclusive process.

Activities: Conduct training and workshops on disaster preparedness, develop educational materials for schools and communities, mobilization of youths on disaster preparedness activities, and research to aid the development of material and programs.



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