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Disaster Education Promotion Office

DEPO (Disaster Education Promotion Office) is a non-profit organization working for the promotion of disaster education and preparedness in Nepal. DEPO was established in 2022 to conduct training and workshops on disaster preparedness, develop educational materials for schools and communities, mobilize youths for disaster preparedness activities, and conduct research in the fields of disaster, climate change adaptation, and environmental protection.

DEPO manages the Mitra Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center (MDRRLC), which provides hands-on learning experiences on disaster education based on localized Japan's concept of disaster prevention education. The center is open to all those interested in learning about disaster education, with a particular focus on schools, communities, governments, the private sector, NGOs, and the international community.


Disaster Education

Disaster can strike in any place at any time, so we should get prepared.


We provide awareness and education through educational programs, training, and workshops that teach people about disaster preparedness, response, and recovery to community members about potential risks and vulnerabilities and the steps they can take to protect themselves and their property. We develop evacuation plans, emergency preparedness kits, and emergency contact information and also conduct risk and vulnerability analysis in the community, which can help identify areas that are most at risk and prioritize resources accordingly. These actions can help to minimize the potential damage caused by disasters and increase the community an ability to respond and recovery.


We conduct disaster drills and exercises. These drills can help people become familiar with emergency procedures and can help identify any gaps or weaknesses in existing plans. Preparedness also includes providing training on disaster preparedness like making bed sheet stretcher, emergency bag, paper dishes, first aid as well as training on how to use emergency equipment and supplies. Training on these skills can help people be better prepared to respond to an emergency and can help them protect themselves, their families, and their communities.


We teach people to develop the variety of different strategies and actions plan that can help to minimize the impact of a disaster such as implementing an evacuation plan in a school and community, implementing a plan of risk and vulnerability assessment., use of emergency bags and skills during the disaster.

Blogs & Updates

Our blogs and updates, we keep them updated frequently..

Disaster Risk Reduction Global Project Exchange Program

As a part of the Global Project, five students of Japan visited Nepal to explore various disaster risk reduction activities. They had conducted a seminar with Nepalese students and demonstrated their seminar findings in an IKC event organized at Mitra DRR Learning Center. They also had interaction program with Trinity International College, where students of both countries shared their presentation on climate change and disaster.

09 Dec 2022

Building DRR Education Material for Safe Houses

A two-day training on building Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) teaching materials for creating safe dwellings was held on November 27 and 28 at the Entrance Café in Chakupat where teachers had developed various educational game materials that related to safety building and earthquake mechanism. Overall, six different games that teach about earthquake safety and building safety have been developed by teachers.

27 Nov 2022

DRR Education Awareness Event

On the 29th, an event was hosted at the Mitra DRR Learning Center with a focus on earthquake mechanisms and the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. The purpose of the event was to educate students on earthquake safety and inspire their interest in research beyond what is taught in textbooks.

15 Mar 2023

Two Days Teacher training on DRR Education

Discover the recent two-day training held in Jaharsingh Pauwa and Mitra Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center (MDDRLC) with the objective of promoting disaster risk reduction (DRR) education among teachers in Shankarapur. Organized by DEPO Nepal in collaboration with Shankarapur ward 2 and 3, the training saw active participation from 18 teachers. Day one focused on DRR drills, paper utensil crafting, and engaging activities to foster awareness among students. Day two, at MDRRLC in Chakupat, involved a revision of drills, first aid training, and interactive games for effective teaching methods. Teachers also prepared DRR calendars for their respective schools, emphasizing the importance of DRR in the community.

06 Apr 2023

Students visit at MDRRLC

On March 31, MDRRLC had the privilege of hosting a group of Bachelor level students from Patan Campus who were keen on acquiring knowledge about disaster risk reduction (DRR) education. The visit proved to be a fruitful experience for the students as they were able to learn about various DRR education tools and skills related to disaster preparedness. The interactive sessions were conducted in a manner that allowed the students to actively participate in all the different forms of games and activities that were organized. The visit left a positive impact on the students and helped them develop a better understanding of the importance of DRR education.

06 Apr 2023

Enhancing Disaster Risk Reduction Education: A Two-Day Training at Liliput Premier Elementary School, Biratnagar.

A two-day DRR training at Liliput Premier Elementary School in Biratnagar proved highly effective as teachers engaged in interactive games and activities to learn DRR-related concepts practically. They gained hands-on experience through paper craft making, disaster drill simulations, and first aid demonstrations. The second day focused on using interactive games to raise disaster awareness. Teachers expressed enthusiasm to apply their newly acquired skills in the classroom, making DRR education enjoyable and accessible for students.

20 Apr 2023

Community Based Disaster Preparedness Orientation at Lalitpur

On May 13th, 2023, we conducted a community-based disaster preparedness orientation in collaboration with Lalitpur Ward 19. The event aimed to educate 50 participants about potential disasters, their impacts, and mitigation methods. The orientation began with an energizing ice-breaking activity symbolizing disaster preparedness. Participants were divided into groups, using blankets and umbrellas to protect themselves during a ball-throwing game. The trainer then discussed vulnerability, exposure, sensitivity, and capacity, emphasizing disaster risk reduction and the disaster management cycle. First aid training, focusing on a broken arm, allowed active participation. Emergency kit materials were identified through a quiz. The orientation ended with an interactive session on fire awareness, covering prevention, consequences, and mitigation measures.

31 Jul 2023

Workshop on Prevention from Infectious Diseases

An engaging workshop on 'Development of Education Material Development to Prevent from Infectious Diseases' was held at Alice Café from 17th May, where teachers received training on game material development for dengue and COVID-19. Two experts presented the topics, followed by a game-designing workshop facilitated by Ruttikon Vuttikorn. Dr. Taraman Amatya presented on dengue fever, its transmission, prevention, and treatment strategies, while Ms. Devi Gurung Thapa discussed COVID-19. A fruitful discussion between teachers and experts ensued. Ruttikorn introduced game design theory and showcased sample games, inspiring participants for their own game designing. The participants were then divided into six groups, three each for COVID-19 and Dengue, to develop game ideas under various themes, such as introduction, prevention, and treatment.

01 Aug 2023

Discovering Disaster Preparedness - A Memorable Visit of Japanese Teachers to DEPO

We recently had the privilege of hosting a group of distinguished educators and representatives from Japan at our DEPO office in Nepal. The visit, organized in collaboration with JICA Nepal office, aimed to explore disaster risk reduction and preparedness efforts in Nepal. The highlight of their day was a guided tour of the Mitra DRR Learning Center, where they gained valuable insights into Nepal's disaster history and the different types of calamities the country faces. The group eagerly participated in hands-on workshops, learning essential skills such as first aid techniques and crafting emergency bags. They also engaged in interactive game materials related to disaster risk reduction, making the learning experience both enlightening and enjoyable.

03 Aug 2023

A Day of Global Learning: Japanese Educators' Visit to Bhassara School

DEPO organized a visit of Japanese teachers to a school at Lalitpur. During the memorable visit of ten distinguished Japanese educators and two representatives from Japan on August 2nd, Bhassara School witnessed a dynamic exchange of ideas and cultures. The day commenced with engaging activities meticulously organized by our DRR Education Club, creating a platform for collaborative engagement and shared experiences. The educators seamlessly integrated into our school's vibrant environment, participating in interactive sessions and dialogues that fostered a cross-cultural learning atmosphere. This enriching exchange not only broadened horizons but also served as a catalyst for reciprocal inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on our students and educators alike.

08 Aug 2023

Japan Educational Visit: Empowering Through Shared Learning

Embark on a transformative journey as our ten-member team, including six dedicated teachers from three municipalities, recently explored Japan's disaster education landscape. Engaging in hands-on experiences, we visited specialized learning centers, actively participated in community and school initiatives, and exchanged insights with Japanese students. Our immersive activities included earthquake simulations and collaborative grassroots efforts, showcasing the resilience of Japanese communities. The heart of our visit lay in cross-cultural dialogue, fostering global solidarity in disaster preparedness. We also interacted with Japanese educators and stakeholders, forging potential collaborations. Beyond education, cultural exploration and local interactions enriched our experience. This journey goes beyond borders, strengthening international ties and contributing to a safer, shared future.

23 Nov 2023

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